High Quality Mulch & Bark

Mulch and barks are popular materials used for landscaping. They can help conserve moisture, reduce weed growth, improve the soil’s fertility and enhance a garden’s visual appeal. At Labrador Landscape Supplies, we can provide you with a wide variety of different quality mulches and garden barks to suit your particular needs. Let us know if there are any other things you would like to know regarding our products!

Pine Bark 1” & 2"

This type of mulch is very long lasting and decorative. It’s an ideal choice for large domestic or commercial gardens.

Pine Bark Fines (5mm - 10mm)

This mulch is also commonly known as Soft Fall, because it’s the perfect surface for playgrounds and kids’ outdoor play gyms. It can also look great in ornamental gardens.

Tea Tree Mulch Fine & Medium

This is very versatile garden mulch with a fibrous texture and a pleasant smell. Despite being finely chopped, it holds very well in wind and rain.

Redwood Mulch

This mulch is a brilliant red colour and is often used in domestic gardens. It has the reputation of successfully repelling white ants, and is often seen in service stations and fast food chains.

Hoop Bark 1” & 2"

This is great general purpose mulch. It has a pleasing dark brown colour and is particularly good in windy or steep areas as it holds together very well.

Hoop Bark Fines

This mulch is dark brown and very natural looking. It’s an ideal choice for tropical gardens with high moisture retention.

Budget Mulch

Cost effective ideal for rural properties.

Cypress Mulch

This mulch has a lovely reddish colour making it very decorative. It’s finely chopped, has a pleasant smell and is ideal for domestic gardens. Like other types of Cypress mulches, this red blend also has been reported to repel white ants.

Bush Mulch

If you have large areas to cover, then bush mulch is ideal for you. It’s a very natural looking, cost-effective choice.