Decorative Pebbles & Rocks 

The uses for pebbles and rocks in landscaping are sheer endless. That’s why we at Labrador Landscape Supplies provide a comprehensive range of these materials to suit all your gardening and landscaping needs. Check our quality pebbles and garden rocks for sale!

Drainage Gravel 20ml

This gravel is composed of 20mm crushed rock fragments. It’s ideal for drainage applications and it’s commonly used behind retaining walls.

Drainage Gravel 6ml

This gravel is composed of 6mm crushed rock fragments. It’s used in drainage and plumbing applications.

White Ash Stone 40mm

This stone is smooth and elegant looking. It’s mainly white but also features some contrasting vibrant colours, making it ideal for decorative purposes.

Black River Rock 40mm

This is a beautifully dark stone, which turns a brilliant dark black when submerged or used in water features. It’s very elegant and can be used in all landscaping applications.

Off-White Gravel 20mm

This gravel looks great when used in garden features or on pathways. It has an off-white colour and is very decorative.

Autumn Gold Pebbles

Commonly known as river pebbles, these pebbles are a beautiful blend of golden-coloured stones. They’re available in various sizes including 6mm, 20mm, 40mm and 25 - 75mm.

Small Sandstone

This decorative stone features beige, yellow and pinkish tones and can be used for pathways and in all other landscaping applications. They’re available in 20mm and 40mm.

Fruit Salad Pebble

This is a decorative mix of crushed rocks used in garden features, pathways and other landscaping applications. They’re available in 10mm and 20mm.

Mossy Bush Rock

We sell these approximately football-sized rocks by the square metre. It’s a great rock for paving pathways.

Large Sandstone

This lovely, natural stone is sold by the square metre. It’s approximately football-sized and great for paving and pathways as well as other landscaping applications.