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Is Mulch (or Cypress Mulch) Good for Your Roses?

Placing mulch around your rose garden protects the flowers from weeds and keeps the soil moist all the time since dry soil is not good for roses. Select mulch carefully as the wrong type of mulch in your rose garden may deplete the nutrients in the soil. Good mulch such as cypress mulch can promote
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How to Start Organic Farming (And Using Organic Compost)

Organic farming is an agricultural approach that advocates planting or livestock care that is free from components that are harmful to humans and nature such as industrial pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers, clones, GMOs, chemical medications, hormones, and growth boosters. Organic agriculture focuses on providing food harvests with maximum nutritional value using organic or natural practices such
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Garden Rocks for Sale: Large Rock Landscaping Ideas

Are you living in drought-stricken areas? Are you planning to create your own drought-resistant garden? Large natural rocks and boulders are versatile elements available to improve the look of your new garden. In fact, you can use rocks and stones in every garden regardless of where you are. They add texture and contrast while providing
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Landscape Supply Near Me: Garden Ideas for Dry Climate Areas

Are you living in an area with a very dry climate? Do you experience repeated droughts in your area? You can still have a decent front yard and backyard garden that is drought tolerant while minimising water waste. With the help of a “landscape supply near me,” your local store can supply everything that you
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Buy Sands Australia: How to Dispose of or Reuse Sand

Sand is a non-toxic substance that does not require careful handling compared to hazardous materials. However, there are several ways to dispose of sand safely or to reuse or recycle it for other uses. Remember that when you buy sands Australia, whether white, tan, river, or ground sand, all sand is non-hazardous and inflammable or
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Landscape Supply Near Me: More Indoor Garden Ideas

Are you living in a minimalist home or city apartment? If you’re looking for indoor garden ideas, you can still have lovely plants inside the home even if there’s no space outside even for a small garden. Perhaps our indoor garden ideas and suggestions can trigger your green fingers into action. Of course, don’t forget
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Theme Gardens: Do Something Different with Your Garden (and Use Cypress Mulch)

Theme gardens are simply gardens where all the elements support a single “theme” or purpose. It’s a garden where every plant, container, plant support, statuary, accent/accessory and even the Cypress mulch will fit and support that one single theme. If you’ve seen your share of the common themed Japanese gardens or fairy gardens, we have
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Soil Amendment Using Organic Compost

Soil amendments are additional elements placed in the soil such as organic compost, natural fertiliser, peat moss, or manure to improve the soil’s capacity to support plant life. Fertilisers only add nutrients to the soil. Peat moss makes soil texture and drainage better for plants, but adds no nutrients. Organic compost improves the soil’s texture
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Garden Rocks for Sale: Some Cool Pebbles and Stones Decorating Ideas for Landscaping

Your garden and its landscaping is not only a place for relaxing and enjoying time with the family, it’s an extension of your personality and aesthetic mind. If you’re looking to decorate the garden or your recent landscaping, you can do it with pebbles and stones. These materials are easy to find or available at