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Cypress Mulch: How Much Mulch Do You Need for Your Garden?

Adding a layer of mulch to your whole garden this spring is the best thing you can do for your plants. No matter what type of mulch you choose – such as cypress mulch – the huge payoff is worth it: Beautiful and healthy plants and fewer weeds. But, as mulching is essential for your
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Organic Compost: Choosing the Best Trees to Grow in Containers

There are a lot of reasons to grow trees in containers. For urban gardens and those with little outside space, potted trees can make the surroundings feel cooler. A potted tree can make a terrace or patio feel like a garden, or they can make striking focal points when placed on either side of an
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Garden Rocks for Sale: Rock Landscaping Maintenance

Rock landscaping can be a great addition to any garden or backyard. It can be used for anything, from pathways, garden borders, to mulch décor. If you have a small water feature, you can create a rock landscape around it. Different types of rocks with different colours aren’t even hard to find because most garden
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Landscape Supply Near Me: Essential Gardening and Landscaping Tools for Beginners

So, you realise, “There’s a landscape supply near me, easier to buy garden stuff, my backyard’s big enough for a garden, and I might as well start a nice hobby.” Of course, as a beginner, you might go overboard when buying landscaping tools. But if you stay focused on just the basics, you won’t be
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Buy Sands Australia: Top Dressing Your Lawn with Sand

Top dressing is done to correct the lack of soil underneath or poor preparation. It fills in the low spots and corrects the uneven areas in the lawn. This is usually done using special sand for top dressing, usually available when you buy sands Australia. Top dressing will bring many benefits to a lawn that
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Cypress Mulch: Should You Use Mulch for Container Gardening?

Mulch is important for outdoor plants. But container plants can also benefit from a little layer of mulch. Certain types of mulch such as grass clippings, pine needles, and cypress mulch will decompose and release nutrients into the soil. The mulch will also protect the plant’s roots from the sun and promote water retention. Adding
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When is the Best Time to Add Organic Compost?

Healthy soil means a healthy garden. You don’t need to apply miracle chemicals or new-fangled fertilisers just to make your garden soil healthy. Adding organic compost to your garden soil is the best and least expensive thing you can do to produce beautiful garden flowers or a nice crop of vegetables. For colder climates Adding
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Garden Rocks for Sale: Swimming Pool Landscaping

Whether your swimming pool is at ground level or above ground, there are simple and cheap ways to landscape around your pool that fits your budget. It’s all a matter of how resourceful and creative you are. Some of these pool landscaping ideas take advantage of what you have lying around the house. Others, such
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Landscape Supply Near Me: Building a Simple Garden Pond

A simple garden pond with colourful rocks and plants is a great feature in your backyard garden. Adding fish in the pond is an option you can look into later. Of course, you’ll need to do some digging and buy some landscape materials from a “landscape supply near me” to build your simple DIY garden