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How to Improve Store-Bought Organic Compost

Can you further improve the quality of store-bought compost? You can by creating some homemade organic compost and mixing it up with the store-bought compost or even store-bought soil. You can adapt purchased compost to make it richer with homemade compost. Store-bought organic compost When you buy compost from your local landscape supplies store (such
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Garden Rocks for Sale: The Benefits of Lava Rock in Organic Gardening

Of all the garden rocks for sale in your local landscape store, igneous or lava rock is probably the most unique. Lava rock, also called scoria, is created by the eruption of volcanoes. It is formed when the molten lava spewed from a volcano solidifies with air bubbles still trapped inside. Lava rock can be
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Lawn Care Tips from a Landscape Supply Near Me

When you need lawn care tips to maintain that outdoor grass space you recently finished, and you’re thinking of a landscape supply near me, you only need to think of Labrador Landscape Supplies when you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas. So, how do you keep your lawn area looking fresh and best? Here
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When You Buy Sands Australia, Can Black Sand be Used in Gardening?

For any landscape project, when you buy sands Australia, can magnetite or black sand be used in gardening? Sometimes called lava sand, black sand is crushed scoria, a brownish to black volcanic slag with a texture full of holes. It is actually a popular garden/landscape material as an excellent source of energy for the soil.
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Can Cypress Mulch be Used with Clay Soil?

Clay soil is a difficult soil to work with, but it does have its positive attributes. If your backyard or portion of land you plan to garden in has clay soil, don’t dismiss it and give up outright. Know that clay soil is fertile and rich in minerals, can hold water and essential nutrients well,
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Never Include These Items in Your Organic Compost Pile

There are a lot of things in your home that you can make into organic compost. Even if all this rubbish is biodegradable, you’re helping reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills. However, some things are better left out of a compost pile for health reasons and better compost. Dog and cat poop
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Garden Rocks for Sale: How to Build a Rock Garden for Small Spaces

No matter how small the space outside the home or backyard, you can make your own rock garden design. Of course, the best design for any small space is the simple, round raised bed made of select rocks, rustic stones, soil, and plants. This design can fit neatly into any nook or corner and won’t
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Buy Sands Australia for Your Zen Gardening

Zen gardens are created spaces in Japanese homes to take time for solitude, reflection, relaxation, and meditation. You can create this semi-spiritual garden haven in your backyard with elements such as water, rocks, plants, and buy sand Australia from your local landscape supplies store (like Labrador Landscape Supplies). Decorative rocks The Japanese believe that rocks
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Landscape Supply Near Me: Small Space Gardening Ideas for Flat Dwellers

If you’re an urbanite living in a city flat or commonhold, you should be able to have a small garden. Aside from typical small houseplants, you can also grow herbs, fruits, and even vegetables. You can begin with a few containers, soil, and other materials with the help of a “landscape supply near me.” Sunlight