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Cement and Additives on the Gold Coast

Cement is a fantastic material to work with when landscaping. It’s a vital part of many structural projects and can even be used for decorative purposes. At Labrador Landscape Supplies, we can provide you with a wide range of different types of cement and additives.

20kg Cement

This reliable, general purpose cement is ideal for all your building and landscaping needs.

20kg Sunlite Cement

This is great, general purpose cement. It can be used for building and landscaping projects.

20kg White Cement

Ideal for many building and construction applications, particularly for aesthetic and decorative opportunities.

Fire Clay

This clay can be used to give body to mortar when the sand lacks fattiness.

20kg Lime

Lime can be added to mortar to improve its workability and to sweeten the soil.

20kg Concrete

This is a ready-to-use cement and sand mix, ideal for your building and landscaping needs. It can be used for fence post footings, deck footings and even small concrete pads.

20kg Mortar

This is a mix of cement and fine aggregate. It’s suitable for all masonry applications.

20kg Rapid Set Concrete

This fast-setting concrete is a great material when time is of the essence. It sets in 15 minutes however it shouldn’t be used on structural projects.

20kg Postcrete

This is a budget premix. It’s ideal for the foundation of fences and clothes hoists however it’s not recommended for structural projects.

20kg Paving Sand

This is a fine-graded dried sand, which can be swept into paving joints.

20kg Gap Sand

This sand is polymer-fortified and can be used to fill gaps between paver blocks. The sand is swept into the joints and then water is applied to set it.

Brickies Own

This is an additive used in mortars to improve the workability.

Oxide Pails

This product is used to colour concrete and mortar for decorative purposes.

High-quality cement and additives are available here at Labrador Landscape Supplies. Let us know if there are any other things you wish to know regarding our products!

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