Excellent Sand Filling and Bases in the Gold Cost Region

Fills and bases are the foundation on which you build your garden or your landscaping project, so it’s very important that you receive excellent quality and expert advice.

At Labrador Landscape Supplies, we’re proud to provide both to our customers all across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We offer a wide range of different fills and bases to make sure that your landscaping project is built on a strong, reliable foundation.

Fill Sand

This material is ideal for all sand filling applications. It’s screened for use under slab or to prepare areas for final landscaping.


This mix contains material from 20mm to blue dust. It compacts hard and is suitable for a solid base under pavers, slab and driveways.


This decomposed granite can be used as a base. However, it’s also extremely attractive as a decorative pathway or between stepping-stones.

Crusher Dust

This material can be used as a base as it compacts hard. It’s also very effective under water tanks.

Concrete Blend

This is a premixed sand and gravel blend. It’s a great material for concreting jobs.

High-quality sand supplies available here at Labrador Landscape Supplies. Let us know if there are any other things you want to know regarding our products!