Bulk Sand Suppliers on the Gold Coast

Sand is an incredibly versatile material and ideal for landscaping. Landscapers and gardeners can use it for many different things from making cement to using it for decorative purposes. At Labrador Landscape Supplies, we stock a wide variety of different sands to help your landscaping project come to life.

All our sand is of the highest quality and can be delivered to you quickly within the Gold Coast region and Brisbane. Let us know what type of sand you’re looking for and we’ll happily offer our expert advice.

Brickies Loam

This fatty sand can be mixed with cement to create mortar for bricks, blocks or bedding.

Plasterers Sand

This is very finely graded sand suitable for plastering/rendering blocks or bricks.

Coarse River Sand

This sand is used as a base for pavers, as a lawn top dressing, as bedding tiles or as a propagation sand.

Fine River Sand

This sand is perfect for tile grout or for sweeping into paving joints.

White Straddie Sand

This is a brilliant white sand, which is ideal for play areas, long jump pits or white mortars.

High-quality sand supplies available here at Labrador Landscape Supplies. Let us know if there are any other things you want to know regarding our products!