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While the majority of people keep dogs and cats as pets, some keep other animals as pets such as turtles, goats, sheep, goldfish, snakes, etc. No matter what type of pet a person has, the pet’s safety is always of utmost concern, especially when it involves having a sort of playpen, and litter box, for the pet. Also, some pets love spending time outdoors, so these pens need to be outdoors. But instead of buying expensive materials to serve as lining or flooring for pet pens, you can purchase inexpensive cypress mulch or other types of mulch from landscaping sellers.

Mulch is safe for pets

Generally, cedar and hemlock mulches are great for pet pens. However, keep in mind that dogs love to chew on anything so mulch might be a choking hazard for them. Choose mulch that is finely cut and grounded so the pets will not cut themselves on the bark. 

Fine pine bark is commonly known as soft fall, and it’s even used in kid’s playgrounds and outdoor play gyms. This is an excellent choice for pet pens or generally for places where the pets can rest or lie down. You can also use fine tea tree mulch and cypress mulch. Cypress mulch is also proven to be an effective alternative for litter boxes. Cats love cypress mulch and are attracted to them inside litter boxes. Waste is easily disposed of when cypress mulch is used.

Don’t use cocoa mulch

For all pets, especially with cats and dogs, don’t use cocoa mulch. This mulch gives off a sweet smell like chocolate. Needless to say, dogs, cats, and other domesticated four-legged pets might decide to chew on the sweet-smelling mulch. This could make the mulch a choking hazard. Also, the mulch contains the same compounds as in chocolate, and this can cause any animal to have diarrhea, muscle tremors, hyperactivity, elevated heart rates, and even seizures. These compounds are most poisonous to cats. 


Should your pet show signs of resistance to any type of mulch in the pen or litter box, you can always shift to either sawdust or sand, also sold in gardening and landscaping stores anywhere. Generally, mulch is compatible with most pets, especially the four-legged variety.

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